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Oven Cleaning process

On arrival our oven cleaning specialist will inspect your oven and protect your floor area before commencing the oven cleaning process.

They will then remove the shelves, brackets and drip trays from your oven and take them out to their specially equipped van to place them in their heated dip tank to soak.

Our oven cleaning specialist will then remove your oven door to make as thorough a clean as possible – 99% of all doors are easily removable. The main body of your oven is then cleaned using non tainting chemicals and all surfaces cleaned to remove baked on grease. Where possible your oven door will be dismantled to thoroughly clean the door, surrounds and internal glass.

Finally your oven is re-assembled, polished and system checked to make sure it is fully operational before our specialist bids you farewell – leaving nothing behind except a clean and Sparkly Oven, restored to near showroom condition. The whole process takes approximately 2 hours.

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